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The Best Foods to Boost Your Immune System During Winter Season

Many people are usually scared and never look forward to welcoming the cold winter climate mostly because the colds are inevitably going to happen and it gets even worse when they turn out to become flu. Yes the cold season will come and go because it is a predictable thing that will occur but the flues should not necessarily happen to you as well in the process. When you plan the functioning of your body’s immune system in the right manner and with the appropriate measures, you will not be a victim of the colds and cases of flu that winter tags along when it changes the climates. The best part is that your body will be healthy and strong enough to stay free from the sicknesses.

The key secret is to exercise regularly to stay healthy and keep your stress levels at a hale and hearty point. Another thing that you should check on is your sleep to ensure that you are getting enough of it daily as it positively impacts on your health. Besides, there are some eating habits which you can introduce to help in keeping your decent health. When the need to have boosted immunity arises, there is no better way to do it than the addition of things which have high vitamin content in the- plant foods and vegetables like Bok choy and Swiss chard as well as fruity products work best on such matters. Other mineral-rich products and those who have antioxidant properties such as garlic also come in handy. More importantly, drinking adequate water every day also makes it better.

The diet that you eat for your meals should have the comprehensive nutritional content for the body to absorb so that it can be able to fight cases of flu and colds including other fatal viral illnesses and bacterial infections. White blood cells are produced in plenty when an individual regularly feeds on things such as bell peppers and lemons as well as oranges which have superb vitamin c content known for incredibly fighting pathogens like bacterial and viral infections as a defence mechanism for the human body. Oysters, pumpkin seeds and clams and even chickpeas have high zinc content also crucial for a stronger immune system.

A balanced intestinal microbiome level in the body is promoted by supplementing the body with fermented foods like kombucha and yoghurt which also come with probiotic advantages and hence creating a better environment for improved digestion. Honey being a strong antimicrobial food can boost your immunity when you add it to foods like tea. One great source of vitamins D in the body is mushrooms, and it can work effectively as an immunity booster.

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