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The Key Characteristics of High Quality Sod

Sod looks all the same, unrolls in the same manner and grows the same which makes it common of the untrained to assume there is nothing differentiating one from the other.

Though, upon a closer look at the varied kinds there are, you come to notice that there is indeed a difference, some key qualities are there that separate high quality sod from the ordinary. If you are interested in getting the highest quality sod for your home, the following are some of the key characteristics that you need to look for in the piece that you will be going for.

One of the things that you need to take a look at when choosing sod for your lawns is their soil consistency. It is so wise of you to take a look at the sod and see actually how much of it actually is soil as you choose them for your yards, be it the front yard or backyard. At the very least, it would be advisable for you to go for sod that has at least an inch of soil attached to it. Note the fact that too much soil would not be ideal and as well too little of the same would not be equally good or ideal. This is looking at the fact that when the soil is too much, this will not allow the roots of the grass seed within the sod to grow through and reach the topsoil of the yard and too little soil in the sod will as well not be appropriate to support the roots below and these wouldn’t establish themselves. From these we see the fact that the soil consistency in the sod is so critical for the sod taking, growing and surviving. Over and above this, it is to be borne in mind as a fact that before your sod taking root, it is the soil underneath that will be sustaining it. Thus, in the event that the soil dies or breaks up, then there will be no chance of your sod living past the time of the soil’s death. Ensure soil consistency and this is by ensuring that you get soil that doesn’t crack or break away and at the same time shouldn’t be packed down.

When looking for the best quality sod, the other attribute that you should be as particular with is the sod fertilization. As a matter of fact, those sods that have been properly fertilized happen to be a lot resistant to droughts or such extended periods of dryness on the ground.

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