Enjoying Your Flight In The Sky

Whether it’s looking over the ocean or viewing beautiful mountain ranges, flying in a helicopter offers stunning views that you likely won’t be able to get in other ways. However, if you’ve never been on this type of aircraft, you might feel frightened about getting in the air in such a small vehicle. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make your flight a bit more comfortable and enjoyable.


There’s really no certain type of clothing that you should wear when you fly in a helicopter Los Angeles CA companies provide for those who want to take a tour. Dress according to the weather conditions, but consider taking a jacket that you can remove or put on in case you get chilly while in the air. Try to wear dark colors if possible because lighter colors tend to distract the pilot. Avoid wearing flowing items as they could get caught in the blades when you get in and out of the helicopter. Make sure you wear shoes that are secure on your feet so that you don’t trip or lose them when you get on and off as well.

Although there’s nothing that you really need to take with you on your trip, there are a few things that you might want to have on hand to make it a comfortable experience and one that’s memorable. Some companies require you to have identification, but you can contact the owner beforehand to see if you need to have this information before boarding. When you’re in the sky, you’re likely going to need sunglasses since you’re going to be more in the direct view of the sun. If the flight you’re taking has open doors, then consider applying sunscreen, especially if you’re going to be in the air longer than about 20 minutes. Take a camera with you so that you can capture images of the scenery. You could also record your flight as long as it doesn’t interfere with the pilot flying the helicopter. Most helicopters have headphones for you to wear, but in case the one you fly in doesn’t have them on hand, make sure you have your own. The flight will be noisy, so you need some kind of protection for your ears. Take some kind of motion sickness medication with you. If you’ve never been on a plane or in a helicopter, then you might not know if you’ll get sick or not. If you have the medication with you, then it can help ease an upset stomach just in case.

Avoid wearing a hat on your flight because it can easily blow off and get destroyed or get caught in the blades. You should also avoid wearing a scarf or any other item around your neck that could easily blow away. Consider leaving purses and bags in a locker if one is available or with someone in your group who isn’t flying with you so as not to add extra weight to the inside of the helicopter.