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How To Catch A Striper

A Striper is a common type of fish found in Atlantic coast and is greatly loved by many people. Despite the Striper making good food, there can be challenges in catching it especially when it is your first time to do the fishing. There are however some vital fishing guides for catching a Striper which every person should take into account during fishing to avoid encountering so many challenges. The following are some key Striper fishing guides that you should always consider to help you have an easy time during the whole process.

The very first tip for catching a Striper is using the right fishing equipment. Always make sure that a good fish finder is in your boat any time you are out for Stripers so that you can easily locate productive areas in which Stripers have gathered. A fish finder is one of the best fishing equipment that will help you quickly locate Stripers and avoid wasting a lot of your time when fishing. The other fishing equipment to help you easily catch a Striper is a bait, and it should be large and wide to reach a wide area where the Stripers have gathered. Different baits are used in different fishing locations, and failure to know the right bait to use in your location might hinder you from catching a Striper. Rods, reels and tackles are other greatly recommended fishing equipment for catching Stripers and these help in making sure that the fish does not escape once it is caught. Make sure that you first understand the Striper’s behaviors in order to know the best conditions for catching them. Another tip for catching a Striper is considering whether or not you should use live eels. Live eels are very good in catching big Stripers found in deep waters and to easily fish live eels, use a medium-light or medium action rod. Make sure that the live eels are stored in moist and cool places to keep them moisturized. Make sure that you first locate where the stripers have gathered using sonar or fish finder. Despite of eels hooking increasing their death risks, make sure that you take time to properly and securely hook them to keep them alive in order to capture the Stripers and help you easily catch them. You should also use tube and worm technique to help you catch a large-sized Striper. Lastly, keep the baits at the right levels to prevent the stripers from escaping.
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